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Selling a Home? You Need A Real Estate Agent On Your Team!

Working with a real estate agent to sell a home

Putting a property up for sale can be a stressful process, in part because of its complexity. There are lots of factors to consider when it comes to a successful home sale, from pricing the home properly to marketing it to prospective homeowners.

Fortunately, there’s an entire profession built around helping you sell your home quickly, easily, and at the best price! Your real estate agent is truly your #1 secret weapon to selling your home, and you need to take advantage of the assistance and experience these experts have to offer.

4 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Do It All

From helping you identify worthwhile repairs and upgrades, to confirming the listing value of your home, to helping you put together your first open house, licensed real estate agents can do it all. Here’s how they do it:

Through real estate agent training

A real estate agent receives hours of required training throughout their career. In addition to initial training sessions, they also regularly invest in continuing education courses to help them improve throughout their careers. As a result of their hours of training and studying, real estate agents truly understand real estate transactions and can ensure that home sales go smoothly. Even if an agent doesn’t have an answer right away, they’ll know where to go to find it!

Through specialized real estate resources

A real estate agent with a brokerage like Howard Hanna has access to specialized tools and technology to make selling a home easier for you. For example, agents have access to software that helps them create market analyses of your neighborhood’s recently sold homes so that you can understand what your home is worth.

Through professional connections

Beyond access to tools, real estate agents have access to a network of professionals – especially agents who work for brokerages. Howard Hanna agents who list a home for sale have multiple ways to tell other agents about the home, helping to connect interested buyers with the perfect home – sometimes, before it even hits the market!

Plus, a listing agent can also connect you with service professionals, from appraisers and inspectors to contractors. Instead of having to do the research yourself, you can rely on their professional expertise to help you find home services pros you need.

Through their branded promotions as real estate agents

Agents are also able to access various marketing materials and can leverage a known brand name to help sell your home. At Howard Hanna, listing agents can create postcards, print advertisements, digital tours, and more. These proven marketing tactics help create additional interest in your home.

You Can Help Your Real Estate Agent Do It All

Be advised that you’ll have to help your real estate agent work their magic during this process. While real estate agents are many things, they’re not mind readers! So to make the most of your working relationship with your real estate agent, communication will be key.

Especially when you begin working with an agent, it’s important to ensure your questions are answered and you have a thorough understanding of what your real estate agent will, and will not, do for you.

You must also make your communication-related preferences and expectations clear to your real estate agent. Think about and discuss things like:

  • How often would you like to talk to your agent (Weekly? Daily?)
  • How do you want your agent to communicate with you? (By phone? By text? By email?)
  • Is there a timeframe or deadline for your home sale?

Whether you’re looking for a fierce negotiator, a savvy marketer, or an expert salesperson, there’s a real estate agent for you. If you need help finding an agent, call (844) 634-2662 and we’ll help pair you with the right one! You can also visit our website and search for help by location, language, or specialty.

And if you need information about any part of the home selling process, we can help with that, too! We’ve written a Seller’s Guide to help you navigate selling your home in 2020, complete with worksheets and helpful hints for making the process a success. Click here to get your free guide to selling your home.

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