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Which Front Door Colors Say “Welcome Home”?

howard hanna Which Front Door Colors Say “Welcome Home?”

The outside appearance of a house is one of the most important ways that you can visually say, “Welcome to my home!” Whether you’re looking to host neighbors and friends, or trying to make a good first impression on prospective home buyers, the smallest exterior details will go a long way when you bring guests inside.

If you’re trying to send a particular message to future visitors, start with the most basic exterior detail – the color of your door!  While a fresh coat of exterior house paint never hurts, the right door color will make your home look welcoming, add curb appeal, and set the tone for what’s inside.

If you’re ready to update your door’s appearance, remember that choosing a door color isn’t quite like choosing an interior wall color. Inside, you choose your color based on the function of the room and the mood you want to set for that space. But door colors are influenced by outside factors, too:

The style and architecture of your home.

The style of your home should influence the colors you choose for your door. For example, traditional homes tend to feature doors with rich and deep colors – think black, navy, green, or dark red. Meanwhile, contemporary builds are more likely to boast bold colors.

That’s not to say you have to adhere to tradition – but the style of the home and the color of its exterior features should always influence your color choice.

The overall palette and other colors of your home.

Even bold doors tend to “match” the overall exterior palette of a home. Consider the hues in your trim, shutters, and exterior walls. Then, ask yourself how your door color will fit into your overall aesthetic. Remember that you want your door to be eye-catching, so choosing a color that contrasts well with the rest of the design palette is a good goal!

The visual style of your particular street.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your property, consider a color that “goes” with the other doors on your street. Choosing a hue that’s similar to other commonly used colors will create an appealing, more unified look – something that many potential buyers love!

The current opinions about specific door colors.

While the above factors do matter when choosing a door color, it’s also worth considering the appeal – and drawbacks – of particular colors. Popular and beloved colors for doors are red, white, blue, green, and brown. Unpopular and less appealing colors for doors are pink, orange, purple, grey, and yellow.

Of course, if you’re settling into your home for the long haul, there’s nothing wrong with following your heart and choosing a less popular color. But if you’re interested in selling a house, it’s time to get trendy and to invest in a popular color.

The right door color really can make a difference in how the world perceives your house. These tips will help you start to evaluate your door with a more critical eye, allowing you to create a beautiful and welcoming entryway into your home.

If you’re interested in selling your current house, and need tips on more than door colors, we can help with that, too! Right now, you can contact an agent near you to discuss your options for selling a house in today’s market, thanks to our latest programs and virtual sale tools

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