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6 Tips For Hosting Successful Virtual Home Tours

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From in-home happy hours to morning company meetings, chances are that you’ve recently experienced some sort of virtual event. At Howard Hanna, we’re experiencing another unique virtual experience – the virtual house tour and showing!

Virtual house tours and showings make it possible for individuals to sell a house online while working around the health and safety guidelines currently in place across the country. The best part? Just like an in-person showing, there are lots of things that can be done to make a virtual showing a success!

If you need to sell your home in a timely manner, talk to a Howard Hanna real estate agent about your virtual sale options. Then, when the time comes to show your home, prepare for the virtual showing with these tips:

1. Plan your route before the house tour.

A virtual showing should be given the same consideration as public speaking. You don’t want to wing it – you want to plan it. For a home tour, that means planning your route. Not only will this help you clear a path and eliminate trip hazards before the big day, but planning your tour route will also help you better utilize the other tips on this list.

If you need specific advice about what is worth showing in your own home, talk to a real estate agent! A real estate agent is truly the #1 secret weapon to selling a home. As part of working with an agent, you can get their expert advice on which parts of the home are essential viewing for buyers.

2. Properly light your home for the showing.

If you’ve used any video-based technology to communicate the last few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the impact that lighting has on your friends and coworkers. If you and your agent coordinate any virtual showings, make sure that your home doesn’t suffer the same fate as that friend or coworker! Open shades and turn on lights throughout your home to eliminate unnecessary shadows. At the same time, keep in mind that there is such a thing as too much light – which will overexpose your visuals and make things harder to see!

To strike the perfect balance between too much and too little light, consider running a practice showing with an agent a day or two in advance. Try to do it at the same time as your scheduled showing to replicate the conditions during your scheduled tour!

3. Prepare to answer questions during the tour.

Virtual tours, the same as in-person showings, will lead to questions from prospective buyers. Do your best to work with your real estate agent to prepare for these so that you don’t find yourself stumbling to answer inquiries when the time comes. Doing a walkthrough of your home and considering what an “outsider” may want to know about is very helpful.

Working with a real estate agent is recommended and helpful as a part of your preparation. Not only can they help you run a practice tour – they’ll also take point on answering any questions that come up during the tour!

4. Clean your home before the showing.

Having a sparkling, squeaky-clean space is still a key factor in providing homebuyers with as much value as possible. As you prepare for your virtual showing, be sure to clean up around the home, particularly in the areas on your planned tour route. From cleaning your windows to decluttering your living room, give your home a tune-up and polish that will make a great impression – even through a screen!

5. Have a plan for your pets and their items.

We’ve all seen people apologizing for pets interrupting their virtual work meetings – don’t let your pet interrupt your virtual tour! In addition to picking up your pet’s items prior to your showing, you’ll want to have a place in mind, such as a spare room, where your pet can safely stay separated from you for the length of the tour. Not only will this ensure that your prospective buyer isn’t distracted by their appearance, but it will remove a potential trip hazard from your own path!

6. Work with an agent to properly follow-up with your potential homebuyer.

A virtual showing is a new experience for you and for your potential buyers, so involving expert guidance to complete the process is more important than ever. A real estate agent can ensure that prospective buyers receive all the information they need in a timely, organized manner. Images of the house, official documentation, information about a local area…it’s a real estate agent’s job to provide it all, even remotely!

These tips can help you prepare for a successful home showing even as we practice social distancing. Remember that while the work is a little different than it would be if you were hosting an open house, the results will ultimately be the same!

If you’re interested in selling your current house, and need help preparing for a virtual house tour and showing, we can help! Right now, you can contact an agent near you to discuss your options for selling and showing a house in today’s market. Be sure to ask your local agent about the latest programs and virtual sale tools as well!

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