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Become A Real Estate Agent With Our Fast Start Training

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So you’re thinking about becoming a real estate agent. There are signs that it’s a great career path for you, and you like the variety of the work an agent does day to day and week to week. There’s just one major thing left to consider: learning how to do the job!

Changing careers can certainly be challenging, but that’s where we can help. At Howard Hanna, we help to make every phase of your real estate career successful – including your first steps into the industry. Once you choose Howard Hanna, you’ll have access to our amazing Fast Start Training resources and courses.

Here’s what you can expect from these helpful resources and training sessions as you start your journey with Howard Hanna and learn how to become a real estate agent:

Fast Start

Offered at least once per quarter, our Fast Start training is an eight-day course designed to introduce a new associate to every aspect of business in residential real estate. During Fast Start, you can expect to learn about everything from prospecting to listing to being able to speak comfortably and confidently about our programs for both buyers and sellers. During this course, you’ll also start to develop the foundation of your own real estate business.

Fast Start is just the beginning of your education. Once this course is completed, you’ll be ready to take a “deeper dive” into the topics covered in our Next Steps workshops and other classes that follow. Don’t worry – information about your ongoing education will be provided to you after you complete Fast Start!

Jump Start

While Fast Start is an eight-day immersion and introduction to the industry overall, Jump Start is a single day-long orientation class meant to provide information about how Howard Hanna’s own technology and tools fit into your business as a sales associate.

Open to new and transferring licensees alike, this training reviews things such as:

  • an overview of the company’s exclusive programs
  • advice on where, when, and how much to invest in marketing
  • how to utilize the Howard Hanna brand as a real estate agent
  • how to build your professional image in the industry and your local market
  • an overview of business planning, time-blocking, and goal-setting best practices for real estate professionals

After completing Jump Start, you’ll be ready to start using Howard Hanna’s unique and specialized tools and resources to build your business.

Fast Track Manual

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom at Howard Hanna. Our Fast Track manual is a handbook filled with hands-on learning activities that help professionals stay focused and productive. The manual is meant to help those who are new to the business, as well as those who are reaching for the “next level” of sales success!

This handbook is available to any Howard Hanna real estate agent and can be obtained through our Sales Managers and our Education Department.

Fast Start & Beyond

Our Fast Start Training is just the beginning when you work at Howard Hanna! From in-office and regional workshops to webinars to further training, our ongoing education and support will help make every phase of your real estate career successful.

Want more information about a career at Howard Hanna? You can explore the skills needed to succeed here, as well as see more of the programs we offer to help all of our agents succeed here!

Ready to find out if real estate is the right career for you? You can find out by taking our quick assessment! Please allow yourself 10 minutes or less to complete the assessment. You can also learn more about working at Howard Hanna at our website!

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