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Do You Have to Paint Before Selling a House?

why paint when selling a home

Whether you love to live in color or your neutral hues could make the most stylish Scandinavian designer swoon, if you’re thinking about selling your home, there’s one item that should be at the top of your list (after washing the windows, that is).

One of the top tips for selling a home that any real estate agent will give is to repaint your interiors with neutral colors, but there’s more than one reason to consider breaking out the rollers this weekend:

Neutral Doesn’t Mean Boring

It’s an established fact that neutral paint colors can help sell a home. You may love bold color, but buyers will want to see themselves in your home – not worry about how much time and money they’re going to need to spend to repaint.

However, white walls don’t have to be the default! You can select from a variety of modern neutrals, from cool grays to warm beiges. This is where it helps to have an expert real estate agent. They know what colors will help sell a home in your area.

Fresh Paint for a Fast Home Sale

Unless you have a team of housecleaners or a docent in every room of your home, chances are, your walls have some smudges and scratches – and that goes double if you have kids or pets. Rather than washing the walls, a coat of paint can give the same effect for a similar amount of effort.

Even a room that’s already painted in a neutral tone can benefit from a fresh coat. It helps make your space look newer and well-cared-for.

Brighten Up Your Home

You could write a book about the benefits of having a bright and well-lit home. The fact is, bright spaces feel happier, and home buyers want to feel positive when touring a home.

In addition to being brighter, a light color can make smaller rooms look larger, and big rooms look even more spacious!

Create a Great First Impression

Color can impact your emotions about a space, too! For example, we’ve previously talked about painting your bedroom in restful tones. But what about using color to create a positive first impression with your home buyers? Painting your front door can be a quick and easy way to create curb appeal and help buyers feel positively about your house.

So You’ve Decided to Paint Your Home…..

We hope you’re ready to pick up a paint brush to make this simple change to sell your home even faster. Get the biggest impact by focusing first on the worst spots in your home (peeling, aging paint or especially dark or controversial wall colors like brick red), then on high-impact spaces like your front door.

Ready to sell your home? Contact a Howard Hanna real estate agent near you! In addition to their knowledge of the ins and outs of the real estate market, they can also help you identify the best spaces to spruce up in your home!

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