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What Happens When? Video 5: Get Pre-Approved!

1st Priority Mortgage series - What Happens When - 1

A COVID-19 video series featuring 1st Priority Mortgage President Brooke Anderson-Tompkins.

On Friday, May 22, 1st Priority Mortgage released a new “What Happens When?” video in which President Brooke Anderson-Tompkins discussed the hot spring market, the impact of phased openings, and how you can prepare for the race to homeownership.

Below is a brief recap of the video, along with the video itself in case you missed it.

1st priority President Brooke Anderson-Tompkins


As always, 1st Priority Mortgage is happy to look at the individual situations and questions, and determine a best solution and course of action given those circumstances. Please reach out today with any questions.

  • We are open.
  • We are taking loan applications.
    • Purchase & Refinance: if you haven’t considered this before, now may be a great time to refinance your mortgage for a lower rate.
  • We are working both onsite and remotely.

Moving Forward

The spring market is here, and fortunately, the sunshine has come along with it! There are great success stories on the real estate side, with agents having moved effectively to utilize new technologies as well as new strategies to safely show and sell properties in the course of the last couple of weeks.

With that in mind, here are some things to look out for in the spring:

  • Spring markets are expected to open with great momentum as we return from pause.
  • Phased re-openings will bring a combination of tools, technology, and safe practices to serve buyers and sellers in conjunction with Governor Cuomo’s mandates.
  • Real estate has already incorporated many of these strategies.

Hot Market – Be Ready!

With phased openings and the spring market, the race to homeownership is on. How can you be ready? Get pre-approved!

  • Contact your mortgage consultant to be pre-approved today.
    • Why? With low interest rates and fewer homes on the market, there will be greater competition to buy houses.
  • Benefits of getting pre-approved:
    • View homes with confidence.
    • Sellers know you’re a serious buyer when they consider your offer.
    • Avoid being surprised by knowing what’s expected upfront, from dollars to documentation.
    • Reduce the stress that comes with a competitive hot market by being prepared for it.
    • On average, buyers that are pre-approved close 10 days faster.


  • We are closing loans every day.
  • Call us today.

Each family has individual circumstances, so please contact your Mortgage Consultant or Loan Coordinator with any questions.

What Happens When?

To see all the videos in our What Happens When? series and for additional information related to it, please visit: https://1stprioritymortgage.com/pages/what-happens-when-covid-19

Videos released so far in the series include:

You can also check out a recap of the first two videos with our blog post 1st Priority Mortgage: What Happens When?, a recap of the third video with our blog post What Happens When? Video 3: Mortgage Transactions, and a recap of the fourth video with our blog post What Happens When? Video 4: Thank You.

1st Priority Mortgage continues to serve.

1st Priority Mortgage is still working hard to serve you. As each day brings new information, we will adjust accordingly both internally and with the many stakeholders involved with each deal. Contact 1st Priority Mortgage for how these responses may impact your deal directly.

For a full list of Mortgage Consultants and offices, please visit: www.1stPriorityMortgage.com or call (888) 500-9733.

Contact 1st Priority Mortgage, Inc. for mortgage products and eligibility. 1st Priority Mortgage, Inc. is a Licensed Mortgage Banker, New York State Department of Financial Services, NMLS #29600. All lending products are subject to credit and property approval. Terms, conditions, and certain restrictions may apply on all programs. Interest rate and program terms are subject to change without notice. This is not a commitment to lend. Contact a 1st Priority Mortgage Consultant for full details. (888) 500-9733.

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