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How the Howard Hanna “Buy Before You Sell” Program Helps Cover the Gap

In today’s competitive real estate market, you may be worried about selling your home. You may be thinking: if it sells quickly, you won’t have enough time to find and buy a house that’s right for you. Plus, between staging your home, creating great curb appeal, and finding the right real estate agent, there are a lot of tasks to tackle involved in selling a house. Add finding and purchasing a new house on top of that, and it’s a recipe for stress!

At Howard Hanna, we strive to make the home buying and selling process simple for you. Our one-stop shopping is convenient for everyone, including sellers who are also looking to buy.

Buy Before You Sell

When you list a home for sale with Howard Hanna, one of our exclusive one-stop shopping programs available is “Buy Before You Sell,” which lets you take the equity in your current home and apply it towards the down payment of a new home. It’s among our most popular programs because enrollment can be renewed if needed and initially includes deferred interest payments on the mortgage. By using the “Buy Before You Sell” program, you can use the value of your current home to invest in your preferred home!

If you’re trying to figure out if you should sell before you buy – or vice versa – we have some tips on how to buy a house before selling yours!

Advantages of our Buy Before You Sell program:

  1. You can buy a house before you selling yours.
  2. You can take advantage of today’s low mortgage interest rates and potentially get better terms for the home you are buying.
  3. You can move without worrying about the logistical issues of moving out of one property and into the new one on the same day.
  4. Once you’ve found your new home, the home you are selling can be staged without having to overly disrupt your life.
  5. We can also more easily show potential buyers your home, allowing more buyers to see your home than if you were still living in it.
  6. Our program produces more buyers who can buy your home by removing the need for a contingent offer.

See more advantages of the Howard Hanna Buy Before You Sell program on our blog.

Buy your next home with confidence.

Wondering if you should sell your home before buying? It’s important to be able to buy with confidence, even before a current home is sold. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to upgrade, right-size, switch school districts, or just enjoy a change of scenery, our “Buy Before You Sell” program covers it all!

  • Our program provides down payment funds for your next home purchase
  • Our program eliminates home sale contingency
  • Payments can be deferred for qualified home buyers

We’ve been taking the hassle out of the home buying and selling process for decades, and our mortgage professionals are here to help explain our loan programs. We make home ownership accessible and affordable, allowing you to take advantage of today’s low interest rates.

Don’t wait to act on the home you want, buy before you sell!

Do you live in New York state? Learn more about the 1st Priority Buy Before You Sell program here.


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